The Importance of Developing Good Dining/Eating Habits at the Right Age

The Importance of Developing Good Dining/Eating Habits at the Right Age

Toddlers can be fussy and messy eaters. However, it is very important to teach them the basic dining/eating rules at the right age to build their confidence and make them less dependent on their parents during meal hours. Though every child’s learning ability differs, on an average, a 1-year-old toddler can pick up basic instructions from their parents and act accordingly. Allowing them to do their chore will help them in becoming independent. Practising a few things daily can help your toddlers immensely in the long run:

  • Make them sit with you during a meal. This encourages the child to believe that he is a part of the group.
  • Set a fixed timing for your baby’s meals. Serving food at a particular time every day will help your toddler adapt to the time table.
  • Offer them their own plate and spoon. Always sterilize your kid’s utensils before and after a meal.
  • Serve only one portion at a time. You can repeat if the child wants more. That way, you can prevent spillage and food wastage.
  • Care should be taken to give the food in a semi-solid or mashed form. Large chunks of food can choke your baby.
  • Introduce variation in food. Kids tend to like some food items a lot more than others. Try to include fibre-rich food. It will help the baby maintain a healthy bowel system.
  • Let them drink water from a tumbler rather than a feeding bottle. You can opt for spill-proof tumbler easily available in the market.

Do remember, the sooner you let them take charge, the sooner they will learn to eat without creating a mess around. Keep yourself ready and at disposal to guide and help them whenever required. Trust me, children are very good observers and learners. Let them observe and learn from their elders.

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