How to Tolerate Your Baby's Tantrums in a Peaceful Manner

How to Tolerate Your Baby’s Tantrums in a Peaceful Manner

Babies are very curious by nature and they need attention. They like to explore their surroundings and do mischievous stuff. They are innocent and heavenly creatures. It is by God’s blessings that we have babies and it is our duty to instil love, respect, kindness, and good manners in them. They don’t learn things if you teach them and nag. Basically, they observe and learn from what you do. So it’s on you to be a good human being and a role model for your kids. As mothers, working women, or housewives your primary duty is to take care of your little one. So invest time in them and learn from what they do. Observe their behaviour. If you have more than one baby don’t take a side of one sibling, for instance, the little one. You should teach justice to your kids. See who is at fault. For example, if your little one tears his elder brothers notebook and you see your elder one complaining, explain him to not keep his books within the reach of his younger brother. Let him know that he will have to be careful. This way the elder one will learn to take care of his belongings as well as you can avoid the fight between the siblings.

Usually, children below 2 years of age are more likely to throw tantrums because they don’t have a tolerance level. They can’t communicate what they want, hence they throw tantrums. They may get irritated and yell. This behaviour of your child may frustrate you. But hold on and take a deep breath. Tell your little one politely that if he yells, you are not going to listen to him. He will yell sometimes but will eventually understand that this method of his will not work, and he will change his behaviour accordingly. Once he calms down, ask him what irritated him and let him know that’s not the way to communicate. He will understand it when he will be in a good mood and this will help him to be a good person in the future.

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