How Does Your Child Behave?

My child’s version!
Have you ever thought about the version of your child? Yes, it sounds funny, but children have numerous versions, precisely like the ones of a software! We keep updating them like a software program, and only a mother can understand the version since she is the programmer.

My version is one that is difficult to understand. For the rest of the world, my child is a calm, cool kid who is so easy to handle, but reality differs. He is an entirely different person at home, somewhat like ” Ghar ka Sher”. He behaves nicely in front of the entire world, and once he’s home, all he does is throws tantrums. He is so full of anger! A complete attention seeker. Yet, he is a fun-loving child who keeps on enjoying and never gets tired. Sleep is his biggest enemy since the day he was born. He asks me this one question every day – “Aaj hum log nahi soyenge na mumma”. For him, sleeping is just a waste of time!

It’s not like I have experienced just this one version. I have seen other mothers struggling with their version of kids too! Some are too naughty to handle in public, while others are over-smart and demanding. Every child is unique in his own way, and we mothers keep editing their version as per society norms. If I have a shy kid, I will teach him how to be expressive; if someone has a naughty child, his mother will teach him how to stay silent and polite.

The real question is ‘WHY?’
Why are we trying to disturb the version that is made purely by God? Why do we expect our children to be someone they are not? Can’t we appreciate them the way they are? Yes, it’s okay to discipline them, but they will learn slowly and gradually. They have an entire life ahead to learn how to be “normal”, but now is the time for them to be children. Every child is the same – born with a golden heart, unbiased, no politics, no judgement and no hatred.

And the funniest part is that the version of mothers is the same everywhere on the entire planet – over caring, overprotective, and always worried about the health of their children.
So what’s your child’s version?

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