To All Moms-to-be – Feel Proud, You’re Doing a Big Job!

To All Moms-to-be - Feel Proud, You're Doing a Big Job!

When you are pregnant you keep getting advice from friends, family and relatives. It becomes irritating after some time. Each one telling you what all to eat, making the mom to be guilty that is she eating enough. I’m in my 6 months of pregnancy and haven’t gained a kilo since I got pregnant. This is because I was overweight before I conceived. So, my dietitian and during the prenatal classes the paediatrician said it is NORMAL to not gain a kilo also sometimes during pregnancy as you lose fat if you have been overweight before.

I decided not to listen to any except my gynaecologist and she said eat what you want. I don’t like drinking milk, she said its ok have milk products. We tend to make the mom to be guilty thinking we are taking care of her. We must understand she is also responsible and she wants to take care of the baby. So stop advising once asked for.

I urge all moms to be listen to their doctors as everyone is tempted to advise you on pregnancy. Also, not to compare your pregnancy with someone else. My mother and sister were damn active when they were pregnant, but I feel tired and feel like relaxing during this time. One must understand each women’s body is different from another so don’t kill yourself if someone is damn active or can move around in ease while you can’t. My mother couldn’t understand why am I vomiting so much even till now, she said she never did, I told her also the same mama I’m your kid but my body is different.

Before you start following anything consult your doctor as they know best. I keep feeling will I deliver normal or cesarean. My family and friends keep saying active raho toh chances are high of delivering normal. I have my friends who have been active all throughout yet delivered cesarean because the baby’s position was not allowing the doctor to deliver it normally. So I have decided I will walk as and when  my body allows and mentally be prepared for labour pain but not kill myself with the thought of normal delivery.

Pamper your own self, love yourself, you are doing a big job of making a baby inside you. Feel good.

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