Working-mom Guilt? 10 Ways to Find That Perfect Work-life Balance!

Working-mom Guilt? 10 Ways to Find That Perfect Work-life Balance!

A full-time working mother almost always feels guilty because of giving divided attention between work and family. We cannot have the perfect life but we can make it fulfilling and happy by focussing on a plan, getting organized, and finding the right balance between work and life.

Here are some ways

1. Let go of the guilt. Instead of worrying about not spending more time with the kids think about how you’ll be supporting your family in the long run.

2. Once you find a trustworthy child minder or child care provider most of your stress will fly away. So invest some extra time and money on that.

3. Keep your mornings simple and peaceful by planning everything the day before from food to backpacks to uniforms.

4. Have a family calendar that has all the appointments, priorities and activities of all the family members, so planning becomes efficient.

5. Always discuss about your commitments with the family to your employer Beforehand as you do about your productivity in work. This will avoid some major backtalk.

6. Record a video, audio and write notes for your kids for them to see, listen or read while you are at work. This comforts them  and gives them a feeling that you are near.

7. Spend some quality one on one time with your Kids by limiting all distractions. No TV. No laptops. No smartphones. Only you and your kid. A child will remember your undivided attention all through their life. Even if it is just for 10 minutes.

8. Have weekly family-meetings and daily family activities like reading books or playing board games together.

9. Have special bonding moments with your partner. Kids love to see their parents happy.

10. Finally, take good care of yourself. And Eat well and take enough rest while you can because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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