When My Baby Got Chicken Pox - Symptoms, Treatment and After Care

When My Baby Got Chicken Pox – Symptoms, Treatment and After Care

We all know about chicken pox or varicella. This is an infection which is not serious for healthy babies. Red rashes or blisters appear on the body; sometimes it itches which is a common symptom of chicken pox. Some suffer from high fever and back pain. When we communicate with a chicken pox affected person, the virus will spread to us. This disease is infected through the air so stay away from the affected person. This disease affects babies also but now vaccine helps to prevent it.

My family member got affected by chicken pox a month back but we didn’t recognise it. We all travelled together in an air-conditioned, car so virus of chicken pox spread to us.This is the reason what doctor told to us when we asked about how it spreads. Basically, there is nothing to fear in this infection. It is better that we get it at least once in our life for better immunisation. We all believe that chicken pox never comes twice for the same person but in fact, there is a chance that people  may get it again after 20 years or so. Chicken pox normally lasts from 7- 14 days.

After my husband got chicken pox, I also got it. I was feeding breast milk so I was very sure that my baby would also get affected by chicken pox. I had severe fever and back pain. Full blisters and itchiness. Myy chicken pox got cured. But, one week later my nine-month-old baby had some pimples just like water drops on rose petals. I was sceptical whether it was chicken pox or not. Then I consulted the doctor. He examined and said that it is chicken pox.

Elders advised me not to give salt or oily food to my baby. But doctor told me to give my baby food which she was normally taking. No special diet plan for babies during chicken pox. Chicken pox vaccine is actually given when a baby turns a year old. But, my baby got chicken pox at 9 months .of age. But there were no other symptoms like in adults. Babies do not even get blisters.

I preferred to consult a homeopathy doctor rather allopathy for my baby. It is comparatively less dose which baby can bear. I stopped giving bath to baby as per doctor’s advice. After 5 days, I used to just wipe her body with a cloth dipped in clean, warm water. Neem leaves are very good and effective for avoiding itchiness when these pimples start drying. Neem leaves just rub on her skin so they feel slight relief. After 7 or 8 days, all the pimples dried;  I gave her a complete bath with neem leaves. After that, we can apply nalpamaradhi oil to baby’s skin to diminish marks of chicken pox on the skin. It helps brighten baby’s skin. This can be applied and massaged before bathing. For head, I prefer applying coconut oil. And now she is fine. Wash all the clothes of babies thoroughly after this. I advice all moms not to fear if their baby gets chicken pox.

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