Age Is Just a Number. All You Need Is to Be Positive

Age Is Just a Number. All You Need Is to Be Positive

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I conceived at 36 years of age after 9 years of marriage. My husband and I were settled abroad for 5 years before we returned home. The next 4 years were busy with finding jobs, buying our home, the death of a family member, and life in general. Even though I wanted to plan my pregnancy, emotional and work-related issues took a toll on both of us. But, I never stopped being positive, and we would go for regular health check ups. Finally, the day came, and I conceived on December 26, 2019. Within a couple of months, the pandemic hit. I got the chance to work from home. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I worked and kept active. With 2 pet dogs to take care of, and no help due to the lockdown, I kept myself active. My husband was supportive with household chores, and we sailed through this phase. My baby was born at 36 weeks, 4 days on August 2020 through a normal delivery and no complications. I believe this is because of my karma. Throughout these years, I have been feeding strays in my area, vaccinating and sterilising them, and even through my pregnancy, we never missed a day. We continue to do so, and I count my blessings due to this. I have been blessed with a healthy baby.

To all expecting moms and those who are trying, always be positive and never lose hope. As long as you and your partner is healthy, you will conceive one day or the other. Things happen at their own time and pace. Do not stress. Prepare for your pregnancy; it is nothing less than a project. While I was working and pregnant, I would go through mommy videos, and they really helped. Also, the videos of doulas who teach you breathing techniques were extremely helpful. I delivered my baby at a hospital in Hyderabad, and I opted for a doula, service which was really helpful for me. My doula made the labour process better, and encouraged me to go for a normal delivery despite my water breaking earlier than my due date. Also, after the pregnancy, you won’t have time to read about how to take care of your baby, so it’s important that one does that before the delivery, so that you are prepared.

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