My Breastfeeding Experience - A Happy Mum Means a Happy & Healthy Baby

My Breastfeeding Experience – A Happy Mum Means a Happy & Healthy Baby

Breastfeeding is a joyful experience for some mothers, whereas it is an incredibly challenging journey for some.
After undergoing a C section, the pain was so much that I could hardly position the baby. It’s unimaginable how I got through that phase. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it’s unbelievably surprising how the baby starts suckling immediately. It’s so natural. But then the trouble begins from the same night. I was in pain, just wanting to sleep, people visiting, baby feeding after every two hours. And in all this confusion I got a bad nipple sore to an extent that it cracked (nipple fissures) so bad and there was a deep wound.
Every time when my baby would latch, I would be in deep pain. There was a time
when I started getting scared of feeding my baby. The moment my baby would come for feeding, I would just close my eyes, take a deep breath and prepare myself for the pain.
Finally, after trying and failing in everything to heal the fissures, I came across a breast pump, it turned to be a game-changer.
Initially, the breast pump also caused pain, but it gave fissures a lot of healing time. After that, it was quite a smooth journey. In this journey, my mother-in-law and my husband really supported me. My mother-in-law would get up with me the entire night while my
husband was doing everything possible to help me overcome all this pain.

PS: Breastfeeding was really important to me as it felt like the most natural choice for me. I didn’t feel it a natural choice to bottle feed. But it doesn’t make any less of a good mother if you decide to bottlefeed instead of breastfeeding. All women’s circumstances are different. I think it’s best for each mother to do the most comfortable choice for themselves.

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