Children's Tantrums and the Right Ways to Deal With Them

Children’s Tantrums and the Right Ways to Deal With Them

Growing kids go through so many physical, mental, and emotional changes. As a parent, you must be aware of every single behaviour of your child to raise them well. However, many of us are unable to understand the behavioural changes or tantrums of kids and get restless, frustrated, and drained.

Instead of getting aggressive, you have to handle them calmly in the following manner:

Tantrum 1. Your kid doesn’t want to have his/her meal.

In this situation, you don’t have to shout or behave badly. You can politely tell your child to finish the meal by offering him/her something good on return. For example, allowing your kid to play with a favourite toy, or taking him/her you out in the park, etc. upon finishing the meal.

Tantrum 2. Your kid starts hitting others.

Well, tell them nicely that this is not acceptable. Try to control this behaviour by firmly saying hitting is not allowed as it hurts badly. Make sure you teach your child to be gentle by encouraging him/her with nice rewards.

Tantrum 3. Your kid is getting addicted to screens. 

This one is a common issue with growing kids. In this digital world, where we are all stuck to our mobiles and laptops, it’s obvious that kids too want to imitate us. Ensure you avoid screens and make it a habit to interact with your kids. The points given below will also help you control your child’s screen time.

  • Set a definite screen time.
  • Encourage your kid to play outdoor games instead of playing video games.
  • Strictly say ‘No’ to using cell phones without your permission.
Hopefully, these tips will help you deal with your kid’s tantrums in a positive manner.

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