Love is Essential for a Healthy and Happy Marriage

Love is Essential for a Healthy and Happy Marriage

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To love and to be loved by ones you love is a blessing. I would say, “To know the person and marry the person you love is much better than marry the person you don’t know.” The reasons for arguments and fights will be lesser, and yes, the parents of each tend to play safe. I believe that knowing the person before you married to them makes your life a little bit easier and simpler around them.

I married the person I love, and I can tell you that marrying the love of my life has made my life easier. For instance, if I need a gift, I buy it for myself, then he pays for it. I love surprises, but I like them when it’s a party or a vacation, but not a gift. It’s always same for both of us.

I agree that arrange marriages also work, but they need time. First, the couple needs to understand each other, then only they are ready for the next big step in their lives. Anyway, love is important for a marriage, whether it is love or arranged marriage.

If anybody asks me whom they should marry. My advice to them would be to marry the person of their choice. Someone, they can spend the lockdown or quarantine period with easily. I have heard people shouting at other in my neighbour’s house during the lockdown period, so I would say that one should think twice before getting married.

Also, one should go for love and self-respect, whether it is love or arranged marriage. If these two things remain, believe me, no matter whatever challenges come in life, the relationship will work. If there is love and understanding in a relationship, a couple can face all the hurdles together and live happily!

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