A New Life and the Fear of Losing It

A New Life and the Fear of Losing It

My Gudda, you are a wonder child. Though you were born after lots of prayers, those 45 days were the most challenging days of my life.  When you were in my tummy, and I tested positive, the chances of chromosome 21 were high, and I feared to lose you. I went through amniocentesis, and that test has a risk, but you dad was with me during the test, and we saw the needle going very close to you to get the fluid in which you were living.

After a day’s delay, on a Wednesday, we received the report. I was so stressed with the delay that I started crying and fighting with the testing lab employee and with your dad too. The day we received the report, even your dad came home early to accompany me. We were worried because everything depended on that report. I was 19 weeks pregnant by then. But, the wait was over, and the report was good. That was the most unforgettable time of my life.

We are blessed we have you in our lives. The day I got discharged from the hospital, you got tested for bilirubin levels. You had to be admitted in NICU for 3 days for phototherapy. We decided to take you to a known paediatrician and admitted you there as we could be with you as much as possible. You received phototherapy for 36 hours, and we were there with you, and when your last report was better, I urged the doctor to let us take you home.

Your father planned a lovely surprise by decorating the room with balloons and teddy bears. Thanks to Guruji, we had you, our lovely daughter. Now, you are the life of our family, the sister of 5 brothers, and the granddaughter of loving grandparents. You are now 4 months old and grown mischievous. I think giving birth to a life is the best part of marriage, and also the reason to live. My life, work, health, my food, everything is for you. Right now, you are sleeping on my tummy, which you are used to sleeping on since your birth. I love to feel your presence around me. Nothing is as satisfying as having you around.

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