Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crises - Double Duty for Mothers!

Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crises – Double Duty for Mothers!

It’s testing time for every mother like me who is working from home. Taking hold on household chores, looking after a toddler, to meet a tight deadline, and to complete the submission is a pain when you are working from home. This COVID-19 crises has taught me that nothing is beyond the length and stretch of any mother and she can get what she wants, but of course, at the cost of her time and peace.

It all started with a bit of set backs but eventually, I got the hold of this crises and turned it into an opportunity of exploring all things or thoughts that I perhaps kept away for sometime. During the time, I understood how a child behaves when he is not allowed to go out to play too, and how a mother reacts when the maids are not available. The level of stress which a mother probably carries during the normal days have tripled now.

I really appreciate how my child is taking over the idea of just playing at home all alone (as this is my first child), and wants more of me and my husband. He truly misses his daycare friends and various sessions. He often takes his bag and asks us to get him ready for daycare.

The best part of this crises that I will truly miss later is that I could be with my baby 24×7. To watch his progress in the past 2 months so closely is a blessing for me. I would wish that this bonding should continue for years to come.

My baby’s progress encourage me to continue with courage. I am sure every working mother is going through this as she handles her multi-dimensional life.

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