Nobody Told Me About Breastfeeding Problems That Can Happen to New Moms

Nobody Told Me About Breastfeeding Problems That Can Happen to New Moms

As per society, once you are married, the next milestone is having a baby. People keep asking, “Is there any good news?” and if you two decide to wait for sometime before starting a family, people get anxious and ask is there anything wrong. Advice starts pouring in from every possible corner.

And once you declare the good news, everyone starts talking about diet, doctor, clothes, eclipses, rituals and safety but nobody talks about breastfeeding. Yes at least, nobody talked to me about it. As I was becoming a mother for the first time, I thought that my child will come close to me and the rest will happen automatically.

But it didn’t. There was no problem with my milk production. Lactation consultants and nurses came and checked and they said everything was fine. But I had pain and it wasn’t just the pain of breast fullness. I thought that maybe it would be like that for some days and become alright. But, things only worsened, the pain was so sharp that feeding became worry-time for me, blood started oozing from my nipples, still, the elders thought everything was normal. I used to cry in pain when my son latched.
This continued for 15 days, and a time came when I shivered in pain even when just clothes touched my breast. I got a fever and terrible pain. After consultation with a gynaecologist and lactation consultant, we came to the conclusion that the problem was with latching which has caused mastitis.
My son was not latching properly or I was unable to help him with latching.
Nevertheless, because of unbearable pain during breastfeeding, I started top feed for my son with a heavy heart. Now he is more than 6 months old and he takes the formula as well as mother’s milk.

I want to request everyone to talk about breastfeeding with mothers-to-be. It might be simple for some but for mothers like me, it was a tough battle. And please respect mothers whether they are breastfeeding or giving formula. Stop judging them because of your beliefs and experiences. No mother wants to give top feed willingly, unavoidable situations make her do so. A mother deserves more opportunities and fewer trials. And to those mothers who are unable to breastfeed because of any reason, please understand that motherhood is not about breastfeeding. And to mothers like me who are breastfeeding and giving formula as well, your little one is getting 100 per cent benefit from it.

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