Sharing My Love With My Two Kids

Sharing My Love With My Two Kids

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Don’t parents always wonder how they will look after their first child after the second one arrives? Well, I too was worried about this. I was really anxious about dividing my love and care between my kids equally. I was more concerned because I had given all my love and attention to my first child for all these years, and he didn’t have to share this love with anyone else. Not even my husband. All I knew was that like most mothers, I was living for my son. Hence, even the thought of sharing this immense love made me feel anxious as I had already started to feel that love for the tiny life growing within me.

With each passing day, my love for the unseen tiny one grew stronger, and this made me really scared. I was scared, confused, and worried. What if I can’t be a good mother to my newborn, and what if my first, most loved little boy starts hating me for being too caring towards the newborn? All these fears gripped me and continued to bother me until one fine day, the tiny life within me decided to join me in the outside world! Happiness knew no bounds as both of us battled together for survival, as there were some complications. Keeping my happiness aside, I doubtfully looked at my older son, even though I knew he was the happiest and proudest big brother that day!

I reality, I doubted my ‘self’. However, to my surprise, my son very happily accepted the fact that he will have to share my love with his new baby brother. Thus, making the task easier for me. I was awestruck at his words, when he said, “Mumma, don’t worry about me now. I am a grown-up. Whatever you did for me when I was a baby, now you do those things for my brother. Also, don’t you worry so much, I am here to take care of him.” I was in tears as I didn’t expect such promising and comforting words from my six-year-old son, who was still so tiny in my eyes.

Well, now it has been over a month, and I realised that all my fears and worries were unreal. My six-year-old boy helps me in changing his brother’s diapers, cleaning his poop, and uses sanitizer before touching him. He also brings his clothes from the terrace, keeps them in order, makes him wear clothes slowly and tenderly (to avoid hurting his little brother), and not to forget, he even helps me in nursing. What a lovely, doting big brother my baby has! I keep thinking and smiling about it. People said that my older son would experience some sort of jealousy once the newborn arrives, but to my surprise, nothing of that sort happened. Touchwood! I don’t know what the future holds, but as of now, all I know is that there is only love, and I am now a happy mother of two.

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