5 Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Your Child's Enrollment in School

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Your Child’s Enrollment in School

Pandemic 2020, so far. has had a tremendous impact on the way of our lives. Needless to say that education and the way of teaching-learning do top the list. Amidst these tough times, a perplexing question of a parent to 2.5 to 4-year old kids is whether to get them admitted in a school or is it a squander. Well, this article covers my views on admissions and five reasons why you should commence formal education for your kids, without any delay.

We are parents to a 3-year-old boy (3 and a quarter precisely now) and till February 2021, we too, were not sure about getting our son enrolled. We had been thinking we are already teaching him the basics or maybe a little beyond. However, it is after being with him throughout his nursery classes, regardless of being online, I am putting my thoughts down here as to why commencement of studies is extensive for your kid.

1. Developmental Milestones

Kids aged 2.5 onwards have very quick grasping skills; it is something that we all know. Hence, it is crucial to note what we teach, preach or present to them. Schools have a formal curriculum that is more effective yet fun for your kids.

2. Discipline

Yet again this is the best time to get your kids to get accustomed to a schedule that is not only beneficial for setting up their daily habits but this is what is adding to their lifestyles. Remember, “Habits are built at a very early stage” is not an overstatement.

3. Excitement and Eagerness

Kids who are supposed to be out playing and making friends and exploring the world at this age are locked in their homes at this time of crisis. Most of us live in a nuclear family these days and that adds to the mundane routine, no matter how hard you try. Classes do bring in new activities and learnings, that your kids will love, and you would (more, trust me).

4. Exposure

Given these times, it is ok to make friends online. It’s been four months and my son knows many of his classmates by their names and faces. This manifestly gives a righteous feeling of studying in groups, with classmates, and is much better than studying alone.

5. Communication

It is an inborn human nature to love appreciation, especially with kids. An appreciation or encouragement from teachers or applause from your classmates is what gives an immense boost to the confidence in your kid. Been broadcasted with a picture or video with your kid reciting is the highest level of achievement for them and they deserve every bit of it.

No matter which school or which class (preschool or nursery) you prefer, it is crucial to get yourself and your little one geared up for classes. No second thoughts to it. 

Hope this article helps you with your decision with respect to education for your little one. Happy learning!!!

– Monica Sharma  

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