Arranged Marriage - The Best Responsibility

Arranged Marriage – The Best Responsibility

Why are arranged marriages the best? Firstly, parents from both sides verify each other’s family background up to the past four generations. They gather information on each other’s way of living, major family problems, past or present criminal records, behavior, beliefs, etc. After all verifications, they gather information about the groom or bride, their nature, characteristics, education, qualities, etc. The best advantage of an arranged marriage is the couple starts their life from scratch – from silence to knowing each other, from small and big fights to understanding one another. Love and affection grow gradually; with time, they grow a stronger bond that lasts until death. Both men and women stand by and support each other in all situations and circumstances. Problems and disputes between the two are usually less. Eventually, the arranged marriage turns into a love marriage when the space between them is filled by the toothless smile of a tiny baby.

An arranged marriage happens when parents or other elder family members look for a suitable match to be wed. Sometimes the match can also be brought by religious gurus, teachers, close friends of the family, near or distant relatives, etc. Today, arranged marriages are mostly practiced in southern Asian, African, and east and middle eastern cultures. It is also practiced in eastern and south-eastern Asian cultures to some extend.

An arranged marriage is not an alliance between two people; it is an alliance between families. Several western cultures do not agree with arranged marriages. It is quite common in the West to form a deep emotional bond with someone before marriage is even considered.

However, though arranged marriages start with no or minimum love, the care, love, and affection grow with time and are believed to last longer than love marriages. Nevertheless, whether it is an arranged or a love marriage, love, trust, and care are key in keeping it growing and going forever.

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