How to Plan a “Happy” Dinner Date With Your Little One Around?

how to plan a happy dinner date with your little one around

You and your friends are out for dinner, and your little one is accompanying you…horrified? Don’t be (even if your helper for the baby is on a leave).

Imagine! What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll start yelling and crying, lying down on the floor. That’s okay! Nothing is embarrassing with kids, its just that you have to keep your calm!

First of all, prepare your child’s mind by preparing him mentally as to whom is he going to meet and what you’re going to do for dinner. Your friends that your baby has met before? Get them reminiscent of the same. You could also enquire beforehand about the venue if they have a play area, or any special facility for the kids, say a feeding room/area for an infant or a baby high-chair or other baby accessories, that could be of some use to you.

Say for instance, they have an aquarium at the restaurant, then why not pre-book the closest table to it?In this smart mommy era, we have to be smart enough to handle our own munchkins well.

So here are some QUICK TIPS!

1. Wearing similar dresses for both is a cherry on the cake! Like us! #animalprint

2. Feed the baby little at home before you leave. Fuller the baby, the happier you are.

3. Choose a table which has space in the vicinity for your baby to roam about.

4. Don’t ignore your child, involve them in your talks sometimes. if he/she wants to talk to you, listen, pay utmost attention – answer and then engage in some activity, like arranging the tissues or spoons or anything else.

5. Be calm, even if they try your highest level of patience.

6. Make sure they had their proper day naps, so that they’re not drowsy!

7. Order for their favourite – baby cold coffee or fries or anything that they love. After all, junk food is not always bad, after they’ve had their dinner at home.

8. Carry some baby engaging things in your sling, little toys or mini books, sanitizers, etc. which will keep your baby busy!

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