How My Own Mother Has Taught Me What Motherhood Is

When she says, “Go and sleep! You’re looking really tired. I will take care of your little girl,” I smile and think this is what motherhood is! When she says things will be fine and not to worry; to go to work while she manages with the baby, I smile and think, ‘This is Motherhood.” When I see her talking to the baby, without getting a single logical answer, but still enjoying herself, I smile and think, “This is motherhood.”
Right from my little Etisha’s first nappy change, to her first burp, first massage, first bath, and even first nap, everything has gone smoothly because of her, and shes knows this is what motherhood is. A girl becomes a mother with the abundant love and care she receives from her own mother.
My mother teaches me what motherhood is; an inbuilt feeling which we only understand when we we welcome our own babies. The baby becomes the number one priority for everyone, but it’s the mother who still looks after her baby. When the baby smiles, his/her mother is the happiest person; when he/she cries, she starts finding ways to make the sadness disappear; when the baby wins, she becomes the winner, and when he/she loses, its her loss, as well.
It’s the bond we develop when our mothers have held us in their womb for 9 months. Right from the moment she is pregnant, she makes you her best friend and the most important member of the family .
A mother is never really alone, even when she is lost in her own thoughts. She is a rainbow, with with the colours representing the child’s moods managed by her.
My mother has helped me understand what motherhood is. I am a mom because she is with me, and without her, I am lost. She is there during my dark times, when I can’t handle my baby. The safest place is always a mother’s lap.
To my mother, I have learnt all this from you. Thanks, for being the torch bearer! Thanks,
for being my strongest support during motherhood!


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