Most Difficult Part of My Life - 19th February 2018 to 16th March 2018, Beginning as a Mother

Most Difficult Part of My Life – 19th February 2018 to 16th March 2018, Beginning as a Mother

19-2-2018 to 16-3-2018- a not-so-easy journey…
Giving birth to a child does not make one a mum but since the day one conceives… For me, being a mom is my biggest achievement… I feel one can’t be just ok with things, one has to be perfect in her aspect. I agree I may not be the best wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, but each day I try to be a good mom…

I still remember seeing my newborn. I not held him but also kissed him. My doc just showed me my baby’s face and exclaimed it’s a boy. He was completely pink. I thanked God for a safe delivery and a beautiful baby.
From smiling to recognizing faces, I have seen many changes in him, first in the doctor’s arms and later shifted to the incubator with oxygen pipes around him as he was a premature birth…  Tears still roll down my eyes as I pen this down.

He was born 1.41 kg and till he attained 1.6 kg, he was in NICU.
My small little Aahil has taught me patience. Days have passed and we have seen improvement in him, Masha Allah. First, we were only allowed to touch him. On the third day, we held our child for the first time… Aahil used to come to me completely wrapped… We had purchased the first clothes for our baby… We used to sit and spend hours just seeing him.
In a few days, I was asked to give ‘Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)’; it’s holding the child to your chest so that the baby gets warmth.. Aahil used to be wrapped in the incubator but during KMC he was bare body… I could feel my life out of my body or precisely in my arms. I swear, the feeling can never match any other feeling in the whole universe and believe me, it is not only for a mother; the father longs the same for the baby…

After a few weeks, his feeding pipe was removed and nurses used to feed him through palada as he did not know how to suck, therefore he only swallowed. Later they taught us as it was the only condition to take baby home. I still have it…
After two weeks, he was moved to the warmer in order to check if he could manage or not.. In this way, 28 days passed by as if it were mere seconds or sometimes, it felt like it were years…
On 14th of March 2018, Aahil was shifted to the room of the hospital without any warmer. This was the time for both of us to prove Aahil as well as we parents.

It worked out, hurrah!! We got our prince home on the 16th, evening. It is very true that each day is a new experience for parents as well as the child.
Every day I thank God for giving me a great gynaecologist, Dr Aparnaa and a super speciality hospital, especially, NICU at Rainbow hospital…. Even the pediatrician Dr. Shravanna has been extremely co-operative.

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