Taking Care of Infants in the Monsoon

Taking Care of Infants in the Monsoon

The first year of a child is very special for his parents. A baby brings joy in a family and makes every moment memorable. A child gives fond memories to his parents, which they’d cherish for a lifetime. But being parents is not easy. We can’t see our little munchkins sick but almost every child falls sick because of the seasonal changes. He may contract infections during winters, summers and monsoon too. As the monsoon season is starting, we parents need to be careful and prepared to make sure our little ones don’t fall sick. We can do certain things to make sure our babies enjoy this season too and don’t fall sick. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure your child stays fit and healthy in the rainy season.

  1. Make your home monsoon-ready ahead of time so that you won’t have to go out with your little one every now and then. The moist air outside could make your baby catch the cold easily – so don’t go out too often with your baby.
  2. Avoid bathing your baby often because if he stays wet, he might catch an infection. Keep him dry and warm.
  3. Make your little one wear socks to keep his feet warm – this trick will keep his body warm!
  4. If your baby is above 6 months of age and you have introduced solids to him – you can consult your doctor and ask him whether you can give him khichdi and soups too. If your doctor gives you a go ahead, offer him lot of warm fluids like tomato soup, vegetable soup, vegetable puree made from seasonal veggies, dal, khichdi, suji halwa, etc.
  5. Avoid giving your precious little one fried foods as they are difficult to digest.
  6. Prepare and serve fresh food to your baby. The food should not have preservatives.
  7. Keep your house clean and ventilated.
  8. Clean the surfaces or things where the water gets clogged such as coolers, plant holders, etc. before the rainy season starts as they can be a breeding ground for  mosquitoes.
  9. Make your kids wear warm clothes or according to the climate.
  10. Carry a bottle as well as feeder with you whenever you go outside.
  11. Wash your hands properly (use a sanitiser if needed) before touching your baby.
  12. Don’t take your child to crowded places as he can contract an infection at such places easily.
  13. Use a good quality diaper for your baby and change his diaper often. Also, don’t make your child sit a soiled diaper for too long.

These are some tips to prepare your little one for monsoon. If you follow these tips, your baby will stay safe during the rainy season. However, if he does catch a cold or falls sick, don’t panic. You can try some trusted home remedies and consult a doctor.

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