Tips to Organise Your Life and Home Before Your Baby Arrives

Tips to Organise Your Life and Home Before Your Baby Arrives

Motherhood is indeed one of the most beautiful and exciting phases of a woman’s life. Every moment, from the time you get to know that there is a new life growing inside you till the time you embrace your little one, is special. Every day and every moment is unique. In these times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the things we want to keep ready for our little one before his/her arrival. So I am going to share with you all a simple list of things you can keep ready before welcoming the little one to your nest.

1) Get the Ration – Have a clear understanding that once the baby is in, you will have no time to manage the home as just after delivery, you will need an ample amount of rest and care. Along with the baby, you too need the utmost care to heal and recover fast. Ensure that you have enough food supply at your home, ready to be used for at least the next 3 months post-delivery. I had the support of my mother and husband post-delivery to take care of my baby and me, hence this decision helped them to be relaxed, and they could focus on my baby and me completely.

2) Take the Help From Your Elders – Ensure that you have help from someone elderly (female) for you and your baby’s initial days. It can be difficult for your husband to stay with you full-time after childbirth and it is unfair on our part to have this expectation from them, no matter how much you want them to be by your side. So ensure you have someone with you for whom you and your baby are very important. My baby and I got strong support from my mother, who post my delivery had dedicated her entire three months to my daughter and me. A new life with my daughter would have been tough without my mom as we didn’t have anybody else to support us at that time. My husband and I are indebted to her for her selfless love and support. So as a new mother, don’t hesitate to ask for help. An elder and wise person’s guidance will surely help you and also build your bond with that person even stronger for your complete life.

3) Stock Up on Baby Clothes, Nappies, and Bibs – Ensure to have loads of this stuff ready. You can make nappies and bibs from old cotton clothes as they are soft and good for baby’s skin.

4) Buy Storage Baskets & Ensure There is Enough Space in the Cupboards – Before your delivery, ensure to have maximum space for your baby in cupboards and have a few baskets ready and placed near your bed. Keep your changing area also near to baby bed as it will be a physically difficult time for you as well. Hence keep everything in your vicinity.

5) Buy a Baby Bed – Normal mattresses are a little uncomfortable for newborn babies, so keep a homemade bed mattress ready for the baby that you can keep on your regular mattress only.

6) Buy Low Intensity, Low Floor Night Bulb – Ensure you have some source (very low intensity) of night light in your bedroom so that whenever the baby wakes up, or you need anything, it is not difficult for you to navigate in the room at night.

7) Keep Plants – I love greenery, so before my delivery, I ensured to keep a lot of low maintenance plants at my home. Trust me, they do wonders. I had a C-section so for many days I could not go out. But these plants made me feel better whenever I used to sit near them with my little one.

8) Get Massages – Keep details of a massage lady for yourself ready before delivery. Postpartum massages are essential for your speedy recovery. During the nine months time and after childbirth, your body undergoes a lot. Postpartum can help deal with changes and help you recover soon.

9) Baby-Proof Your Home – Ensure the electric sockets and sharp edges of the furniture in your house are guarded. Make ample space in the room for yourself to walk comfortably, holding your little one in your arms.

10) Keep Contacts of a Few People Who Home Delivery Tiffins – You might need homemade tiffin services on days when you are tired but need homemade food.

Planning is what best we can do to manage the situation in the best way possible. I hope this list helps you during pregnancy, and may your journey with your little one be a fun-filled one, and that you don’t have to stress about anything. Be happy and stay safe!

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