Postpartum Depression - Is It for Real, and How to Deal With It?

Postpartum Depression – Is It for Real, and How to Deal With It?

There are many memes around giving advice to new mothers, etc. Not many understand that the minuscule advice or taunts, that our near or dear ones give out, affect the already exhausted mind and body of a new mother which might lead to Postpartum Depression. It’s real and it is NOT even funny. It is very easy to drift to depression for a person who is struggling to find her new identity and whose life has changed upside-down. Once the baby is born, people just ignore the mother’s health and focus only on the baby. But do we realise how insensitive we are towards the healing mother?
We instruct her on everything, taunt her if we feel she is incapable. We just don’t need to instruct a new mom how to take care of her baby, unless she asks for it, don’t point out her mistakes ruthlessly and please don’t compare the baby. She is trying and she will get it done in her own way. Remember she just came out of a major life-changing experience (vaginal or caesarian)! Next time when a baby is fussing, don’t tell the mother to feed them.
I also received my share of advice and taunts right from birthing, feeding, cleaning, to raising my little one. The advice might come from a good place but this is not a necessity for a mom. Only some support and little encouragement are welcome.
My gynaecologist helped me to stay strong and to just follow my motherly instincts and what the paediatrician tells me; to just ignore any other advice and that, it’s okay to feel not okay! If not for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today…
Reach out to the ones who can keep you sane and shut down all negative sources. Just talk it out.

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