All About Food: How We Can Help the Tussle of Food at Home and in the Mind

All About Food: How We Can Help the Tussle of Food at Home and in the Mind

Food is always a concern for all parents. If a child is fussy, then it is trouble; if the child is a foodie, then it is more troublesome. It is a struggle between healthy food and junk food, a conflict between underweight and overweight. Let’s try to figure out how we parents can find a balance between this tussle!

I believe it is important for all of us to first exchange our place with our little ones. Understand what we liked or would like to eat when we were children, and now as adults. Food plays a very important and religious part in our lives. So, just forcing down vegetables and fruits or pluses in the name of healthy food is not all there is! We need to make the food a little interesting for anyone to enjoy it. Vegetables can be very interesting and equally healthy if we serve them even boiled. But, we do need to make a little attractive. Children who enjoy food, and tend to incline towards junk food, can be served all that they enjoy, but with a balance of healthy food. I think we are have a great advantage of digital media, where we can get plenty of recipes and ideas to make things interesting.

Through my personal experience, I have tried the same, and I can say confidently that it helped me. My daughter is 8 years old, and I can say that she is not fussy about food, and she eats everything that is served to her. I made it a point to introduce her to all sorts of food from a young age, made vegetables and fruits interesting, and also shared the goodness of the food that she had. Now, we both together try and experiment, and make food interesting!

Parenting is all about learning – sometimes we learn from others, sometimes from ourselves, and many times from our little ones.

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