How to Start Your Baby's First Solid Foods the Right Way

How to Start Your Baby’s First Solid Foods the Right Way

Hello to all the moms out there. Hope you all are doing great. As a new mother, I was very worried and concerned about how to introduce solids to my baby for the first time and basically what it should be. So today I will discuss a few points regarding what I
started with.

1. Cereals

I started with cereals like homemade rice powder fried in ghee as well as ragi. I had also made powders from cereals like rajma and cowpeas, which I used to give my daughter. I also gave dalia with vegetables.

2. Fruits

Initially, I started giving her soft fruits like banana, chikoo, apple and then moved on to kiwi, mango and sweet lime.

3. Vegetables

For vegetables, I started with potato, beans and carrots. Once she got adjusted, I introduced her to broccoli, cauliflower and beetroot.

4. Water and Juice

As to the question regarding water and juice, we had limited it to once or twice, as we didn’t want her to fill the stomach with both and neglect natural feed.

Points to Keep in Mind While Introducing any New Food to the Baby

1) Always wash and boil the fruits and vegetables properly before giving it to the baby.

2) While introducing a new food, initially try only a small amount and observe if the baby’s stomach adjusts to it or not.

3) If the baby is not comfortable or not ready to accept the food, discontinue immediately and try later after a week or so.

4) Make sure all the utensils are thoroughly sterilized with boiled water before feeding the baby.

5) Along with all the solid foods, continue naturally feeding the baby.

6) Keep changing the food items in order to create interest in the baby. Also, you can introduce finger foods to help the baby learn the act of biting and chewing.

That is all for today. Hope my article will be helpful to all the new moms out there. Take care and happy motherhood. Happy reading!

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