The Journey of My Ups and Downs With My First Pregnancy

To begin with, we were newly married. Before we got the news about my pregnancy, I was not well – I had a tumour in my ovary, of which we got to know just a month before the news about my pregnancy. As per the doctors, I could never get pregnant after the removal of my ovaries, but the sudden news of my pregnancy just shocked everyone. This unplanned pregnancy was the best thing that ever happened, but the tumour was increasing with each passing day, which needed to be operated on as soon as possible.

I had my first checkup in my 6th week of pregnancy. We found that there was no heartbeat of the baby. The doctor said we must abort the child if the condition was found to be the same after 8 weeks. During my 8th week test, we finally heard our baby’s heartbeat, which was the world’s best feeling ever.

Due to complications, I was on bed rest. The worst part was continuous vomiting, due to which I didn’t eat properly for 5 months. I had to go for regular sonography tests every month to watch my baby’s growth, and every month I fell more in love with the little angel growing inside me. Her first picture on the USG report made our hearts melt.

In the 5th month, I was told that if everything doesn’t go well, I would be operated on. But, God was with us every time. When we went for a checkup, we were given dates for the operation, but all thanks to my doctor, she never lost hope and my pregnancy continued for 39 weeks. My EDD was 31st July, and pains started on 31st night. We went to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. on 1st August as I was to be operated on for the tumour. I had to get a C-section, which was decided on the very first day of my pregnancy. On the morning of 1st August at 6:47 a.m., my little angel was born. I could hear her cry and hear the doctors saying she is such a cute girl who is looking all around the operation theatre. I was not given my baby to hold because I was getting operated on for next 1 hour.

I could not see my baby for 2 days. I only saw her picture. After 2 days, I finally laid eyes on my little angel, but the worst part is that I could not breastfeed my baby because I was on heavy medication. I feel very sorry for my baby as she is on formula feeding, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love my baby. This is what society thinks, that the breastfeeding mother loves her baby. But that’s not true – love is not defined on the basis of bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Today my angel is 4 months old.

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