From a Woman to a Mother- A Rollercoaster Ride

A woman is born again after she gives birth to a child. I have heard this statement several times but couldn’t understand its real meaning until I became a mother. Yes, I am a mom of a beautiful, naughty, cute, lovely 16-month-old baby girl. And yes, I have changed a lot in these 16 months.

The 9 months of pregnancy were a piece of cake in my case, and I thought it would not be difficult to become a mother. I underestimated the big role that was waiting for me. My journey as a new mother has been a rollercoaster ride. Now, we are getting in pace bit by bit; however, when I look back, I find that the journey has been full of ups and downs.

Motherhood is like a mystery box, and you never know what’s waiting for you inside that box until you open it. It has been the same with me. I had to go for a planned C-section as my due date had already passed, and there were no signs of dilation. Postpartum, I suffered from diastolic hypertension. I wasn’t prepared for either of these. My daughter had colic issues, and on top of that, I had chicken guinea after 10 days of delivery. I was so frustrated, confused, helpless during that period. I wasn’t prepared for any of these; I couldn’t even think of any of these in my worst nightmares. My hormones were taking a big toll on me, my baby needed my help, and I had no idea what to do or how to help her. To see your baby cry all day and night is so painful, especially when you are going through health issues.

While I strove hard to become a mother from a woman, I luckily had the support of my husband throughout. He was always calm and managed all of us. He stood by me like a rock and soothed our daughter and me so nicely during this rough time. Due to COVID, we couldn’t ask for any help from our relatives, so we were on our own. When I look back, it felt like a tough patch in our journey, but at that time, each day passed like a long phase. I think it’s important to believe in that little ray of hope to hold on a bit longer at all tough times, which pushes us to fight a bit harder and not to give up so easily. In my case, that ray was my husband; I know you all must also have had your ray of hope.

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