Losing Weight After Pregnancy - Here's How I Overcame This Challenge!

Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Here’s How I Overcame This Challenge!

The thought of carrying a little human inside you can make you jump with joy. And having a baby is one of the most beautiful things in life. The presence of a baby in your life can make the world seem better. But after delivery, most women struggle to lose post-pregnancy weight.

After my baby’s birth, I wanted to lose weight too and so I did. Do you want to know how I lost all that weight? It’s a funny story! So, I watched a lot of videos about losing weight post-delivery and decided to carve my own path to lose those extra kilos. Here are a few things that I tried which worked for me –

  • I danced a lot to party songs. I would keep my baby in the rocker for an hour every evening and would dance to Bollywood party numbers. I laughed at my own moves and at times my baby made weird faces too, but that did not stop me from dancing or moving my belly.
  • Being the mother of a newborn, I continued to eat healthy. I wanted to binge eat, but I didn’t. I started eating healthy; my diet included a lot of green veggies, salads, fruits, and healthy juices instead of parathas and heavy curries. Eating healthy foods helped me feel full and also curbed my hunger. I also started feeling much lighter than before.
  • I started meditating and climbed stairs many times a day as my baby’s nursery was downstairs and my room upstairs. This helped me burn a lot of calories and I felt much more active than before.
The result was that I achieved a toned body and I started losing weight. It was a combination of healthy eating and dancing. I lost about 12 kgs on my own and this made me more confident and attractive than before. I hope my story will help all those women who are struggling to lose post-pregnancy weight.
Postpartum depression and post-pregnancy weight can make you depressed and anxious at times, but if you remain positive and work seriously towards achieving realistic weight loss goals, it can work wonders for you.

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