How I Dealt With Postpartum Depression and the Measures I Took

How I Dealt With Postpartum Depression and the Measures I Took

I gave birth to my baby in June 2019. Before my delivery, everything was quite normal. Everyone, including me, was in a happy mood as this was my first baby and everyone was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the baby. I was just so happy seeing all others in such a joyful mood.

But after my delivery things were not the same for me. Though all my family members were celebrating the baby’s homecoming, I started developing anxiety and stress. Things became difficult for me. I could not share my feelings with my family members. My routine with the baby became so hectic that I could hardly spare a second for myself.

It was then that I thought I needed to change. Firstly, I made a rule to sleep when the baby sleeps. This really helped me a lot. This not only helped me in having proper sleep but also provided me with much-needed mental relaxation. I also started writing about my pregnancy journey then. That gave me a lot of pleasure. Seeing my baby by my side and writing about my new motherhood experience was bliss.

Apart from this I also started meditation. This really helped me to get out of stress. Also, I took out time to do a little bit of physical exercise. Both meditation and exercise helped me in keeping my mind and body in proper sync.

I formulated my own schedule and routine in which my baby was my first priority. With time, I started enjoying everything. There was only one thing on my mind; that was my baby. In a span of 2-3 months I had almost managed myself. I started to remain calm and gone were my stressful days. Now as my baby was growing, I did not miss a moment to cherish all the memories and happy moments. As a family, we became a lot more happy and fun-loving. My little one made our lives complete.

Also, whenever I thought of those stressful and depressing days, I just looked at my baby. His smile gave me all the reasons to live once again and now as a new mother. I just kept all the things that demotivated me aside and kept only one thing in my mind now that I am a mother now and I have a baby for whom I have to stay happy and joyous.

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