How I Introduced Solids and Semi-Solids to My Little One

How I Introduced Solids and Semi-Solids to My Little One

I started feeding my baby semi-solid foods only after six months. I introduced a variety of foods to him. Initially, I started with lentil soups, and then I continued to offer him many foods.
I tried and tested various foods. With this, I understood what my baby likes and dislikes. In a few months, I started offering him oats porridge, and stewed apple. Apart from this, I also offered him 2-3 soaked almonds in a pureed form on daily basis. As the summer months approached, I started feeding my baby a bowl of curd almost daily in the afternoon. Sometimes I used to add pureed fruits like mango, strawberries, and other seasonal fruits to the curd to enhance the taste and also the nutrients. Also, pureed fruit popsicles became my baby’s favourite during the summer months.

For snacks, I chose plenty of healthy options like fox nuts, carrot sticks, sweet potato chips, fried ladyfingers, dates, and a lot more. With time my baby developed a taste for many of these things. Sometimes, a snack would also serve the purpose of a complete meal.

When feeding your baby you must check the quantity and quality of food. Always try to offer 5-6 times a day including one or two snacks and 2-3 complete meals. Apart from this, milk is a must as it provides the much-needed calcium to the babies for their bones to grow well.
Check for any sort of allergies or intolerance your baby might have or develop for certain food items. It’s quite normal that your little one may have an upset stomach during the initial stages of introducing new foods. But at the same time, you need to be cautious of what you feed to your little one.

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