Raise Your Little Boys As All-rounders, and Don't Underestimate Them

Raise Your Little Boys As All-rounders, and Don’t Underestimate Them

I have seen, observed, and heard many things about raising kids. We all are different and have our own ways of dealing with our kids. Ultimately, we want them to be the best.
Being a mother of two kids- one daughter and son, it just struck me that I should raise my kids in the same manner. I’ll make both of them responsible, independent, brilliant and much more.
I buy them good clothes, toys and whatever they ask. It’s never like this that I adore more one kid than the other. For parents, their kids are equal and they love both.

What will happen when they grow? When my daughter grows up, the family will start telling her to do little things like go to the kitchen and help mom, clean this room, get a glass of water, today the maid is on leave, so help mummy. The family would be so proud of that growing little girl that they feel so confident about her capabilities of helping mom.
Why can ‘t we feel in the same way with our little boys? Are they less capable? Can’t they help mummy in the kitchen or can’t they clean the house? Of course, they can!

It’s the mindset of the society which has a myth that boys can’t manage the house and kitchen and they tell it to everyone. The culprit is the societal thought process.
In today’s fast running world, both the parents work for their families well-being. Don’t you think making only mummy responsible for the house, kids, food etc is right? Is papa less capable? Not at all!

We should raise our kids in a way that they should not be dependent on others for their basic living needs. As of now, the kids are small and we are energetic to arrange everything for them. But what will happen when they will go to the hostel for higher studies? Who’s going to give them all the comforts? So make them their own comforters.
Just imagine a boy who knows how to keep his room clean, how to wash clothes, cooking is so confident and healthy as compared to the one who is always spoon-fed by mom or dad!
When one starts doing things on their own they do it perfectly. They learn how to manage time, resources and therefore life. They will act as a helping hand for you. They will bring a smile on your face when you come back from office with a cup of coffee and with the one-liner ‘Dinner is ready mom!’ That’s your lifetime achievement. Further, also when they grow up, all-rounder boys will have happy partners as they will not be a burden on them instead they’ll be a reliable helping hand.

So dear friends, do not underestimate your sons. they are as capable as your daughters. Train them in such a way that they become independent and helping hands to all.

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