How I Overcame the Anxiety of Becoming a First-Time Mom

How I Overcame the Anxiety of Becoming a First-Time Mom

A lot of mothers suffer from postpartum depression in some way or the other. The overwhelming feeling of becoming a mother itself and the responsibility of handling your newborn gets you anxious and turns your world upside down.

Ever heard someone tell you that life isn’t a bed of roses? Well, that’s just the case with your little munchkin. Here, I’ve listed a few things that helped me deal with my crazy hormones!

1. Being Aware

Yes, it’s the most vital aspect of dealing with postpartum depression – knowing and accepting it. Having already read about what I should expect after delivery, both physically and mentally, helped me understand myself better.

2. Accepting it as a Phase

Once I was aware of how my imbalanced hormones could play with my emotions after delivery, it was easy for me to forgive myself for this irrational fear and anxiety that was building in me.

3. Making Your Partner Aware of it

I sent my husband tons of articles about postpartum depression. He always stood at the receiving end of all my breakdowns and irritability. I don’t really know how many of them he actually read, but he got the point and tried to comfort me when my emotions surged.

4. Having Your Mother/ A Person You Love and Trust (other than Your Significant Other) Help You with Your Newborn

I can’t emphasise on this enough. It is what probably helped me the most. I was on tenterhooks after delivering my baby, such that anything/anyone that questioned my caretaking would make me sob. Let’s face it, we Indian women get a truckload of backlash from our in-laws. My mother never questioned me, she only rendered help and that’s what I needed.

5. Getting Some ‘Me Time’

Having a baby wasn’t a one-man thing, so share the responsibility of your tiny tot with your husband, whether it be changing diapers, burping the baby or rocking him/her to sleep. Let your husband take over from you. It helps the father and baby bond and allows you some ‘me time’, a win-win situation. Go get a haircut, paint your nails, chat with a friend or go for a walk. Make the most of it while they are tiny; when they start sleeping less, you’ll be struggling to make time.

6. Eat What You Love

Everyone from your aunt to your neighbour will tell you what to eat and not eat while you are breastfeeding. I did the best I could to eat healthily, but I ate hamburgers and pizzas and indulged in pastries and ice cream when I craved for it. Obviously, smoking and drinking aren’t good for both, the mother and baby, and don’t fit into this category. But for a person like me who loves food, I took my postnatal vitamins and ordered in at least once a week.

7. Shopping

I am a mother inside a woman and that woman wants to dress well and feel good. So get yourself out of those maternity clothes and into some cute outfits. However, give yourself a good three months. You’ll still have a bump until you find your maternity clothes looking unshapely.

8. That Baby is Yours!

Lastly, and most importantly, is acknowledging that this baby was nurtured by you for so many months and all it wants is your love. So be a little less harsh on yourself because he/ she doesn’t judge you. Motherhood isn’t about winning or losing, it’s the love that grows with your baby with each passing day.

If given a chance I wouldn’t want to change anything about my postpartum experience, as it moulded the mother in me. All you mommies out there, remember to love and trust yourself.

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