How Co-Parenting and Technology Helped Us Handle Our Premature Twins

How Co-Parenting and Technology Helped Us Handle Our Premature Twins

My twins were born when they were 34 weeks old. They were in the NICU for some days. When we brought them home, they were so tiny and delicate, and within one week of bringing them home, the nation-wide lockdown started.

We didn’t know how we were going to handle them… But, we had been waiting for the twins to come so badly, that we knew we will manage. Luckily, we had my in-laws with us before the lockdown. So, more hands to manage the situation made it easy.

We had a nanny for a month to help us, but post that, we were too scared to hire anyone because of the virus. My babies are now 8 months old, and we still haven’t hired anyone. We started dividing responsibilities towards the babies and the home. With my body recovering from the stress of delivery, my husband helped me with every single household work, and took care of the babies during the day & night, along with his office work. What is most important during any difficult situation in life is a support system, and I am so lucky to have a wonderful one. My mother-in-law, who is a senior citizen, took on the whole responsibility of the kitchen, along with helping me with the kids.

For other household work, we started thinking about ways to reduce the load. There was some work like dishwashing and house cleaning that we knew could be made easier. We already had a fully automatic washer-dryer machine, which made it so easy to wash and dry piles of the kids’ clothes.

So, we did our research, and bought a dishwasher for the utensils, which was a worthy investment. That left us with the efforts of sweeping and mopping. We initially ordered a spin mop, and it did make things a little easy, but it wasn’t the solution we were looking for. After some time, we came across an automatic mop and vacuum solution, and decided to spend some money on it. Again, it turned out to be a good purchase, and woohoo, regular household jobs were no longer painful.

Even without any external help, we have been able to manage everything so well with the twins, thanks to co-parenting and technology!

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