10 Must-Have Items You Wished You Knew About Before Your Delivery

Hey, Mommies!

First of all, many, many congratulations on becoming a new mom! You are about to embark on the most beautiful, super-busy, enjoyable, and life-changing journey. When I was expecting my cute little one, I had several questions in my mind, and I used to spend hours surfing the Internet. How I wished all the relevant information be collated and present at one place to make my life easier!

So, here I am, jotting down all that you would need based on my experience of 1 year, and I bet that if you can follow this, it will save you a lot of mess!

  1. Diapers: This is the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when we think of babies. Isn’t it? And, many of our relatives ask us not to use diapers as they cause a number of problems. Well, that’s a myth! No such evidence exists to prove it. In fact, diapers can be used every time, but with some precautions. Firstly, before putting them on, you should either apply coconut oil on the baby’s skin, or a good diaper rash cream (the ones containing zinc oxide are recommended). Don’t put a diaper on wet skin, as it would certainly cause rashes. Wait for the skin to dry, then apply the cream, and then put on the diaper. Secondly, diapers should be changed every 3–4 hours. Use diapers that you find are the most suitable for your baby.
  2. Baby Wipes: Use baby wipes to clean poops, especially in the initial days, but which one to use is most important. Make sure you don’t buy scented ones. They are filled with chemicals, and are quite irritating for a baby’s skin. Instead, opt for water-based unscented wipes.
  3. Swaddle blankets: Swaddling newborns gives them warmth and cosiness, and they feel as if they are in the womb. Swaddling is essential for a comfortable nap. I used muslin swaddles for my baby., which are useful in winters as well as summers. They can also be used for more than a year.
  4. Dry sheet: Dry sheets are required if you want to avoid any mess seeping into bedsheets and mattresses.
  5. Mittens, booties, and caps: Newborns, especially preemies, require mittens, booties, and caps in order to maintain their body temperature and feel warmth. FirstCry offers a good range, covering various sizes and varieties.
  6. Clothes: Check out the FirstCry app for clothes, too! They carry good brands and all sizes.
  7. Nursing pads and breast pumps: Nursing pads are a must! You wouldn’t want leaking breasts and trapped moisture against your skin.
  8. Thermometer: Do buy a baby thermometer if you don’t have one already, as it will be quite useful, especially during certain vaccinations.
  9. Cosmetics: I recommend buying different types of massage oils, as massages are good for the baby.
  10. Bib/burp cloth: Bibs and burp cloths are extremely important if you want to avoid changing your baby’s clothes (and yours!) every now and then. Check out FirstCry for these!

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