Four Varieties of Mango in India You Should Know About!

Four Varieties of Mango in India You Should Know About!

Mango is almost everyone’s favourite fruit and widely consumed across the world. This fruit is a speciality of summer, and because of this fruit, we eagerly wait for the summer season. With its delicious taste, it is also very healthy. This tasty fruit belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, which is produced from many species of tropical trees. It is a national fruit of India and labelled as a super fruit. This national fruit is widely consumed as raw, or as juice, shake, dessert, etc. Many varieties of mango are available in India, which the Indians consume every year.

Want to know about these mango varieties? Keep with this till the end. In this blog, I will be sharing the top four varieties of mango. Let’s have a look!

Top Four Varieties of Mango in India

There are many popular varieties of mangoes available in India. From Alphonso mango to Badami mango to Langra mango, these domestic and hybrid mango varieties are the best varieties in India.

1. Alphonso (Hapus)

The first variety of mango is Alphonso, which is also very well known as Hapus. It is mostly famous for its extra sweetness, flavour, and richness. Besides, Alphonso is called the king of mangoes. The name of this mango came from Afonso de Albuquerque, who was a Portuguese general and military expert. This mango is one of the most expensive varieties and is mainly grown in the Western Indian states. Alphonso (Hapus) is highly produced in Ratnagiri. The fruit is medium-sized, orange-yellow in colour, and has an ovate, oblique shape. The fruit is grown in midseason and has excellent quality.

2. Badami

Badami is the second variety of mango, which is very well known as an Alphonso of Karnataka. The quality of this type of mango is similar to Ratnagiri Alphonso. It is another tasty and delicious variety of mango that is grown in India. The texture of this fruit is soft. It has an attractive yellow and orange colour and has thin skin. The tasty fruit is almost fibreless, making it more exquisite. Karnataka is a major region of Badami mango production.

3. Chaunsa

The next best variety of mango is Chaunsa. This mango has a long history, and legend states that this mango is popular throughout the subcontinent because of king Sher Shah Suri. Chaunsa Mango is also called “Sumer Bahist”, and due to the victory over Humayun at Chausa, he gave his favourite mango the name Chaunsa. The texture of the fruit is soft, almost fibreless, and it is golden-yellow in colour. Its taste profile is aromatic, pleasant, and sweet. The unique taste and richness of this mango make it a worldwide favourite. It is considered the best mango because of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp, and high nutritional value. Chaunsa has higher vitamin C content than other mango varieties. Today, it is widely grown in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

4. Langra

The last best variety of mango is Langra, also known as Banarasi Langra. This variety of mango is primarily grown in UP and Bihar. This mango is of Banarasi origin. It is a fibrous mango known for its sweetness. The mangoes are oval and have a golden colour. The taste profile of this mango is sweet and slightly acidic. It is normally harvested in the last days of July after the monsoon. Around 2006, it gained popularity in the international market.

These are some varieties of mango that make our summers special and our bodies healthy.

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