How to Raise Happy Kids

How to Raise Happy Kids

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We all try our best to foster happiness and give our children enjoyable experiences. It’s a fact that happiness cannot be wrapped in a box and given to anyone. It has to be inculcated and worked for.

If you want to make your children happy, then you should spend some time with them so that we can understand them in a better way. What they like to do and what are the things they do not enjoy,
Here are a few things that I follow to make my kids happy:
1. Go out – Going out doesn’t mean that you have to be out for the whole day, it means that we go out with our kid in the evening, so that they can play outside for their mental and physical development. We all try to go out to play on the swings in the evening, as it brings a smile on our faces.
2. Music – Music is a key to happiness for everyone. It has the ability to enhance the immune system, lower blood pressure and stress levels as well. I usually keep on singing with them while cooking and playing.
3. Dance – Dancing is the best therapy for everyone, whether its a kid or an adult. My younger child loves to move to his favourite song. They both enjoy dancing.
4. Quiet time – It is very difficult to make children sit quietly, but I try to make them sit for some time, and we all mediate, and now my kids love to meditate, and it works wonders on their overall development.
One thing that helps children feel happy and satisfied is when they know that their parents have their back always and they are happy too. Tell your spouse to spend some time with the kids as well. Talking to them and sharing your stories with them will make them develop confidence and this will not only make them happy but also enhance the bond you share with them and together you can be a happy family.

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