Home is the First School, Mom is the First Teacher

Home is the First School, Mom is the First Teacher

I want to write my own story about my baby and me. Parents put pressure on babies in each, and everything, like the child, should get good marks, they shouldn’t play with kids(street kids or outside kids ), and so on. I don’t understand why parents put pressure on children. We have seen so many cases where children commit suicide because they didn’t get good marks in academics. Instead of pressurising their kid, parents should support them and along with that teach the child to get good marks next time. Parents should allow children to mingle with other children so that children will explore how the world is and it will be beneficial to them.

Children get spoilt by their parents only. I mean we all love our kids unconditionally but hold on, that love should not harm our children. Kids ask for so many things, right from toys to gadgets etc.. But when the child does ask we should not buy them immediately and if we do that its wrong. This way kids think that they can get everything easily and there are no difficulties and in turn, they won’t value things. Teach your baby the challenges too, because they should learn everything.

Now coming to my point, I want to teach my baby each and everything: the happiness of life, difficulties of life and how the world is. I will buy him a toy but not when he asks me. After a few days definitely, I will, and he should know the value of it, especially the value of money. If my baby doesn’t get good marks I won’t scold him, I will tell him that he does have another chance to prove himself. Nowadays, people are addicted to phones, social media etc. and they don’t know the value of people and how to respect the relationship. I will teach my baby the importance of people and relationships. I will teach him good manners and the responsibility of being a good citizen.

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