How to Take Care of Your Baby When You Are Corona Positive

How to Take Care of Your Baby When You Are Corona Positive


 It is impossible to keep your baby away when you are in a nuclear family and the baby is breastfed and sleeps with you.

Don’t Panic.

Don’t Lose Hope.

Don’t worry.

This is a bad phase, but it will soon pass.

The first Guru mantra is – BE POSITIVE!

I know it’s easy to say be positive but very difficult to react positively in the worst situation but trust me it works. Ya, it really works because your baby feels you, he smiles when you smile, he calms down when you are calm.

Breastfeeding: The mother should continue breastfeeding the baby whatever the situation is. According to our baby’s paediatrician’s advice, it is the best way to safeguard them also.

Co-Sleeping: You can co-sleep with your baby on the same mattress as it got impractical to go to bed so many times in the night to nurse her and come back, so we co-slept. You need to sanitize your hands before touching the baby, always keep a sanitiser near the bed and maintain distance the rest of the time and always wear a mask.

Cooking: No one can stop you from cooking yummy and healthy food for your baby, but yes, you have to take additional precautions, such as washing your hands properly before and after cooking and wearing a mask.

Maintaining Distance: No mother wants to maintain distance with her baby but sometimes situations get worse and out of your control. To take care of your baby first you need to be healthy and positive. Initially, if you feel weak, unhealthy, and not in the condition to take care of your baby, then stay away the whole day except when the baby needs to nurse. Also, sanitise your hands before and after touching the baby. After a few days, start to take care of the baby but remember to wear a mask, change your clothes, and wash your hands frequently.

Precautions for Family Members: Ensure everyone in the family always puts on their masks because they need to be healthy to look after you and your baby. In case the baby contracts the virus, they could pass it on to other members too.

Consult your Paediatrician: You need to immediately contact your child’s Pediatrician the moment you think you came in contact with someone who is COVID positive. And they will advise starting multivitamins, and give extra tips to take care of your baby according to their knowledge and experiences. They know your baby’s health better.

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