Breastfeeding My First Baby After a C-Section

Breastfeeding My First Baby After a C-Section

I would like to share my experience of breastfeeding for the first time. Though many people give many pieces of advice regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding, none of our experiences are the same. The scenario is different for every individual.

I underwent a Caesarean section, so I could not feed my baby immediately after surgery. Moreover, my breasts did not produce milk immediately after delivery. I was in the hospital for three days after delivery,  and though the nurses helped me in every possible way, it was of no use.

I was discharged on the third day. I was very eager to feed my baby, but my breasts were not producing milk. I was very depressed and emotionally disturbed because I was unable to feed my baby.

After going home, I tried every possible way, like doing breast massages and eating particular foods like garlic and methi seeds, which are supposed to increase the production of milk. I was even taking two types of medicines that my gynaecologist had prescribed for milk production.

After one week, my breasts started producing milk, but in very less quantity. While my efforts were in progress, my mental condition was deteriorating. At one point, I was in the worst condition, because I felt very bad that I could not even feed the baby I gave birth to.

But, finally, my breasts started producing more milk slowly. My next problem was that my baby could not  latch on my breasts, as the nipples were flat. Moreover, as my delivery was at the peak of the lockdown, I was unable to purchase products like nipple shields. But, somehow, my baby learned to latch immediately. And then, after I finally started breastfeeding, I suffered nipple cracks and nipple soreness.

Ultimately, I overcame all the hurdles of my arduous breastfeeding journey, and could finally and satisfactorily breastfeed my baby.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience, and the best gift every mother could ever receive.

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