This is What Our Little Stars Need the Most in Today’s Era!

We live in an era of technology, where our mobile phones play a vital role in our lives. But do we realise that our mobile phones need to stay away from our little one’s childhood? Nowadays, we don’t have time to spend with our children, who need us the most. Our little stars need our time and love. Do we play with our children? Do we perform art and craft activities with them? Do we have time to talk to them? Ask yourself these questions!

If we want our kids to shine like stars, we have to be their moon. Give your children most of your time, love, and respect. Don’t just keep on complaining; children need appreciation. Don’t always compare them to others. Stop complaining, and stop yelling at them. We, as parents, must know that every child is unique and special. Every child is his parent’s little star.

We constantly focus on feeding our children nutrients/vitamins that are suitable for their body, but we forget about ‘vitamin L’, that’s what love stands for! Love always needs to be shown. Every parent loves their child more than anything else in this world, but we have to make our little kids realise how much we love and care for them. The only way to make them realise that, and to draw them closer to us is by spending quality time with them.

If we want our children to give us their time when we grow older, then first, we have to provide them with our time when they are young. Here are some tips on how to spend quality time with your little stars:

  • Talk to your children. This will make them confident, and they will feel comfortable to discuss their problems with you.
  • Be their friend. Sometimes talking, playing, taking part in their activities and listening to them can make a significant impact on your relationship with your child.
  • Plan a weekend with them.
  • Don’t compare them with their siblings, cousins or friends.
  • Make them feel that they are unique and special.
  • Give them the importance they deserve and don’t take them for granted. Avoid saying “Bache hee toh hai!

So, what do our little stars need the most? Well, the answer is simple, and as a parent, you must ask yourself that question!

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