I Am Happy With Motherhood

I Am Happy With Motherhood

My name is Jaseena. I am a mom of 11-month-old twin babies; a girl, Nuzah, and a boy, Nazhan. The first six months caring for twin babies was challenging for me because I am a first-time mom with no experience. Later, it got easier and I am now enjoying every moment of life.

It was during the second month of my pregnancy that I found out I was pregnant with twins. That was was the most beautiful moment in my life. I started waiting for them; after eight and half months of pregnancy, I finally got to hold them.

Now they are at 11 months of age. At birth, they weighed only 2 kgs. I feared to take them in my hands because I thought I might hurt them. That time, my mom always cared for them, since I had no prior experience. I learnt from my mom how to bathe my babies, how to feed them, burp them, put on their diapers, trim their nails, and so on. My mom taught me everything.

After two and a half months, I started bathing my baby; it was quite an exciting and awaited moment. While bathing her, my baby girl would cry loudly. Mom would keep coming and asking what happened, as she was always worried about how I would hold the babies in my hands. After bathing them, I always used diaper rash cream before putting on a diaper, and then I’d dress the babies up. Every moment would make me happy.

After 3 months, my baby boy started smiling. Then I waited for my baby girl to smile. After 3 months and 4 days, she started smiling. When they smiled together I felt as though I am in heaven. That moment was so precious to me. After 4 months, they would hold a rattle in their hand. My husband purchased different types of rattles for the babies. When they made sounds with rattles it made them happier. Then they started holding formula bottles by themselves.

At 5 months I started to feed the babies cereal. I started with rice cereal then moved on to banana cereal. I always cooked different cereals and purées for babies and I cooked with lots of love. I always loved making special dishes for my babies.

At 5 and a half months, they started tummy time. In 6 months, my baby girl started moving while on her tummy but my baby boy always stayed where he was. It took him to reach 7 months of age to start moving. Now, they play together and at 8 months, they learned how to sit up.

Sometimes, the sleepless nights do stress me out. But when I see them smiling together, that lowers my stress levels and makes me happy. So yes, I’m busy enjoying motherhood!

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