The Pressure on New Mothers to Be Perfect

The Pressure on New Mothers to Be Perfect
The constant pressure on moms to prove that they are perfect mothers is unbearable. They say, “No one is perfect“, but that does not apply to moms I guess. If you are a mother, everyone expects you to be perfect. It’s heartbreaking when a person claims that they can take care of a baby better than his mom can.
You can take care of your children all day long, but the moment something goes wrong, everyone will point at you. Nobody will compliment for all the good work you do, but if you commit a small mistake, there will be enough people to criticise you. As a result, you may feel that everything is your fault and that you could have done better. But I want to know and ask, “Why should I compare myself to anyone?”
“What’s this race I am running?”
Many modern, independent women tell me that I shouldn’t bother myself. But deep down, they have the same issues. They want to better themselves but they compare themselves with other moms for no reason. There’s no award for best parents. There can’t be and there shouldn’t be. As long as our children are happy and healthy, we are doing good. You are doing a great job if your growing child is happy and healthy.
Don’t let anyone make you feel bad. As long as your child runs back to you every time he has something bad or sad to tell, know that he loves you. You are a good mother to your child. I am not a mother to this world and I don’t need anyone to certify that I am a good mom.
I love my child and my child loves me back. So keep your criticism because you may make me sad by your comments but at the end of the day, when my baby wants to sleep or is crying and starts looking for me, I am there to take care of my munchkin. At that time, I don’t care or remember what you say to me. My little one is happy with me, and that’s all that matters!
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