Breastfeeding and Motherhood – My Experiences

breastfeeding and motherhood - my experiences

When we decided to get pregnant, my thoughts were highly driven by my mother and grandmother who said that once the baby is born, breastfeeding is the most essential part and the only way to get your child a strong immune system. Since I hadn’t experienced it, I was not sure – but when Avyaan was born, my inner feeling was so strong that I couldnt help but fed my baby! My doctor suggested ONLY breastfeeding, which, since then, became a part of my daily routine. A lot of people around me said to go for formula milk, but it was clear in my head that breastfeeding is the only thing I wanted to give my child until 6 months of age.

Honestly, it didn’t matter who was looking or where I was when I fed Avyaan…I fed him in the car while my husband was driving, I fed him almost everywhere without any guilt on my face. All that mattered to me was his stomach feeling full. My husband was a huge support; he understood the need of this and pushed me to go the extra mile with Avyaan. I joined work after 6 months but I made sure to express milk before I left and to come back and feed him. This has been my daily routine. Avyaan turned 1 year old on August 9th, and I’m a proud feeding mother even today! This is me encouraging all the women out there. Continue as you are!

I had a life before my son was born, but I can’t remember what it was like! Having my son was such a life-altering experience. I always was looking for a purpose in my life, and I found it when I had my son. I love being a mother. Now, I know I’m good at it. This doesn’t mean I don’t make my share of mistakes – there are times when I need guidance and a go-to person. I wouldn’t trade my best day before my son for the worst day with him!

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