The Second Red Line - God's Miracle!

The Second Red Line – God’s Miracle!

My name is Vaishnavi; I am 32 years old, and I have been married for five years. We have been planning pregnancy for three years, but nothing was falling into place despite all investigations being normal. So, we decided to go for IVF. After multiple investigations and injections, two cycles of embryo transfer were done, and both of them failed. We were so depressed that we hardly knew what to do next.

Though my husband was very supportive, I was worried about going out with friends, to attend family functions, etc. I feared people asking me how many kids I have, and whether or not I was undergoing treatment. I would feel low in front of my cousins who had got pregnant without any issues and delivered babies, though they are younger to me.

Somehow we came out of failed IVF and decided to go to another IVF centre. All the tests were repeated, and again, embryos were frozen. They left a gap of one month before embryo transfer, and that one month changed our lives. I missed my period for the first time. To our astonishment, my pregnancy test showed THE SECOND RED LINE!

We were over the moon, but still, we could not be a hundred percent relieved. We always had a sense that something might go wrong.
Everything went on well for a few days. Then, I had an episode of bleeding at seven weeks. We were frightened to death, but by God’s grace, my little boy was strong enough to sustain it. I was told there was a small blood clot and was advised complete rest. Still, I experienced occasional spotting, and each time it happened, it would panic us so much. But I had complete trust over God. He wouldn’t have given our baby to us at that point in our lives if he had to take it away.

The spotting settled slowly by ten weeks. The second trimester went on well, but the third trimester was again a roller coaster. I was not able to feel the baby movements. So my husband bought a foetal doppler, and we would check the baby’s heartbeat two to three times a day to be sure he is fine inside.

Finally, the day came. I was told my cervix is not that favourable for normal delivery. I didn’t want to take any chance; I opted for a caesarean section. My husband came inside the OT. We were so happy to welcome our little champ into this world. That moment on May 28th, 2020, 5:12 am is the happiest moment in our lives.

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