Five Qualities Parents Learn While Taking Care of Their Kids

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Taking care of your kids is a task, as well as an opportunity to learn. Here are five qualities you gain when you become a parent:
1. Understanding Another Person’s Emotions
When you become a parent, you learn to understand your baby’s emotions and needs without her saying it. You try to feel what she feels, you count the feeding, sleeping, and play hours, and even the number of wet diapers your baby had. You keep a record of everything related, for example, for example, how many times she fell ill, what she likes or dislikes, what suits her what not, what makes her happy or sad, the people, places, and food she loves or hates, etc. You know everything about your baby because you pay attention. You should learn to do the same with all the other people whom you list in your loved ones. It could be your husband, parents, siblings, friends or family. People around you care about you and expect love and care in return. Caring is a way of showing love, and  I have experienced that if we give love and care to other people, our kids are learning the same behaviour from us and it will come back to us sooner or later.
2. Patience
The thing every parent needs the most is patience. Whether it is the long journey of pregnancy or a never-ending cycle of feeding, sleeping and diaper changing, patience is the key. Your babies teach you to be patient by giving you different challenges like teething, sleep training, potty training and so on. You can’t handle any of these without patience; you have to wait for the time your baby learns to pee and poo by herself or finishes her full meal with you. We need the same patience in our daily lives with people in public places, in queues, hospitals, grocery stores, or the neighbourhood. We need to have some tolerance for all other humans living around us.
3. Planning
Before I was a mom, I didn’t know that handling a newborn and a toddler at a grocery store needs planning and preparation for it to be done without any mess. And now after facing that twice in public, I realised that when you have kids, you need to be more responsible. These little creatures teach us how to plan and prepare before every step. It doesn’t matter if you are going to do your daily chores or are having lunch with friends; it takes the same amount of planning.
4. Value Small Things
As sooner as we come to know that a baby is coming into our lives, we start to find little moments of joy and small packs of happiness. From that little good news strip and first ultrasound to each and every sound our babies make, we enjoy so many tiny bunches of smiles and love. Learning to find such little moments of joy can change our lives and make us happier and content.
5. Accept the Change
They say “change is death” and it’s true for it’s so difficult to accept the change in life. It takes so much effort to carry on the same way when situations change. When babies come into our lives, they turn everything upside down and make us learn and adjust in the changing environment, which I like to consider as custom-designed by them.
Parents help their kids know the world and teach ways to live better, but somehow these little angels also help their parents to become mature enough to be called PARENTS!

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