Our Path to Parenthood - My Story of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Our Path to Parenthood – My Story of Pregnancy and Childbirth

After a job in the Maldives, I wanted to get back home to my husband and start a family of our own. Yes, it was a huge decision: giving up a job, and taking up a full-time parenthood position. We got to know that we will have a baby on the day of our anniversary, which was the most special gift we could have asked for! That evening, we flew to Dubai for our anniversary trip.

My husband and I love travelling, and the first thing we decided was where to go for our babymoon, how the journey should be, the change of routine, food, sleep schedule, and more. By January 2020, I started my vomiting, and had aversions to all my favourite foods, including fish. I am someone who can’t live without fish on any given day. The morning sickness kept getting worse as the days went by! I was not sure about my feelings then.

Come March, we entered a total lockdown, and the fear of the pandemic hit us hard. Everything was uncertain. Having a tiny life growing inside you, with such uncertainties outside, was a challenge of its own! With that drowned all our plans, and on my journey to motherhood, the most important thing I learnt was that life will take its own course. Our plans will not work all the time, and we have just got to live with that.

We embraced that as the new normal of life. All my scans and doctors’ visits became solo. My friends couldn’t come to visit, and my parents couldn’t be with their daughter at this time. But, amidst all this chaos, the tiny kicks I was feeling inside my tummy were the best – it was a feeling beyond what words can express! Friends who lived in the same city started sending in surprises in the form of food – everything I wanted to eat during those days of cravings. Such a blessing that was!

My husband has been a true partner in my pregnancy. He was working from home, cooking meals, cleaning the house, helping me with my daily chores, doing my pedicures, waxing, and even a haircut! He has been the only person around through the entire 9 months with me. We decided on the name of our daughter (well, I always wanted a girl), and I started telling stories to the tiny human dancing inside!

With a low-lying placenta and the pandemic, I couldn’t take my walks everyday, and was getting worried about my delivery. Luckily, my parents took the first train during the Unlock Phase 1, and came over to Bangalore. I had 2 virtual baby showers, and got to dress up for them both! It was a bumpy ride till the last check up, where the doctor said that due a liver condition in me, the baby might poop inside, and we need to operate ASAP.

We had to shift house and get admitted to the hospital in 3 days. My husband and dad did the entire shifting on their own, and on the final day, my brothers came to help as well. We went to the hospital at 6 in the morning, and at 10 a.m., my little princess was in my arms!

It was happiness unbound! Our daughter had arrived safe and happy. My pink bundle of joy was healthy and hearty! I cried tears of happiness for the first time in my life. I had the best doctor, and the whole procedure took around 40 minutes. I was in my room, holding this unbelievable happiness in my arms.

I am ever grateful to God for such amazing people in my life. I have the best parents, an amazing husband, and friends who are more like family. And with that, starts our journey on an absolute new and fun path called parenthood!

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