Motherhood : A New Beginning

Motherhood : A New Beginning

Motherhood – The term says it all. It’s a rollercoaster ride of feelings, emotions, memories, new experiences, and infinite love.

I only understood the true meaning of motherhood when my pregnancy was confirmed.  Yes, you heard that right. It’s not that you experience the joy of motherhood only after giving birth. It starts the very moment you understand that there’s a life inside of you, which is soon going to transform your world into a much better place.

It is rightly said that motherhood. But why do we just want easy things in life? I personally prefer things that come with a lot of adventure, lessons, and very importantly, something that comes with a reason. Whatever you get easily, you don’t understand the worth of it. It’s the same with motherhood. The 9 months of care, concern, excitement, anxiety, mood swings, body changes, etc. are all worth it because it is proof enough that you can actually create an entire life out of yourself. You are a superhuman; a super mom with tremendous strength and courage to be able to give birth to a baby and nurture it with your unconditional love.

My motherhood journey has also been the same. The three trimesters were all so different. Each day, I found new strength in myself. Each moment was worth it, and I was grateful for my body to cope with all the pain it went through and still stood strong when the baby entered came to this world.

The moment my baby girl was placed in my arms, I forgot everything my body had gone through. All I knew was that my little princess had arrived. I smiled and said to myself, “the adventure begins”. And, my body happily accepted the changes and was all set for the new beginnings.

My little baby, Nayra, is now three months old.

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