My Baby is the Blessing of My Life!

My Baby is the Blessing of My Life!

My baby was born in the 37th week. I delivered my son during the 2nd day of lockdown. It was a tough time for me and my family. My water suddenly broke in the morning, and I  was rushed to the hospital. It was my first baby; I was not mentally prepared for a C-section, but the moment I entered the hospital, the doctors operated on me. I was in immense pain, but God was by my side. The scenario outside was very bad, but by God’s grace, my baby boy was with me.

My husband was in another city due to the lockdown. It was difficult for him to reach the hospital, but I managed to call him from the O.T. His eyes were filled with tears. I was waiting for this moment; my husband holding our baby… Our family is complete now.

On the third day, my baby got very high jaundice. He was admitted to the ICU right away. I was very scared. I started crying a lot, because the jaundice level was very high. I was crying outside the NICU and was praying to God by night. The hospital staff told us to go back home, as they were not allowing too many people to gather in one place. I was begging them, please let me be with my baby, but they refused. My husband and I came home, but I was crying a lot. The very next morning, I rushed to the hospital to see my baby. I requested the doctors to meet him. By God’s grace, his jaundice level had gone down by the afternoon, and our baby was handed over to us.

So, my journey so far has been a rollercoaster. Even now, due to COVID, every day I am scared; being a mother, it’s obvious. I am in depression – I suffered a lot due to this, and still I am struggling. Every day is a challenge for me. But, I am strong and facing every bit of it. I give my 200 percent every day. My body is so exhausted, my legs do not work after delivery, I am not able to hold my baby for a long time, my legs and thighs hurt me a lot… I salute every mother who gave birth during this tough time. Things would be a lot more stable and relaxed if this situation would not have been. But we as mothers have to deal with it. Being a young and new mother, I am still learning everything, but I give thanks to my mom who is taking care of both of us. I love you, Maa!

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