20 Effective Tips to Manage Your House and Baby All By Yourself

20 Effective Tips to Manage Your House and Baby All By Yourself

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Managing a baby all by yourself can seem like a daunting task but not something moms can’t do. If you are a new mom you will be nervous and doubt your parenting abilities, but don’t you worry. I have shared some tips that will assist you in managing and taking care of your baby on your own. You will have to change your routine a bit, but you can do it. So, let’s begin.

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than your usual time. Make it a point to spend 15 minutes for yourself. In these 15 minutes, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or meditate. You can do whatever you like at this time.
  2. While your baby is asleep, cook then continue with other household chores. Make sure you are done with cooking before your child wakes up.
  3. Keep your house organised. Yes, your baby’s toys will be all over the place but that’s okay! Clean your house whenever you have time. An organized house will not require much cleaning. Ensure to use a thing and put it back at the same place.
  4. When your baby takes a nap during the day, you can prepare for the next day. You can cut vegetables in advance, iron your clothes, etc.
  5. You can buy a high chair or a carrycot for your baby as it will help you a lot when you have to leave your baby alone even for a few minutes. You can place this chair near to you and continue with your work and monitor your baby.
  6. If you have toddlers at home engage them in small tasks. You may ask them to fold the clothes or do some basic cleaning work.
  7. Make a cleaning schedule that you can follow every day in a week like Monday – laundry, Tuesday – cleaning the kitchen, Wednesday – cleaning the bathroom, and so on. Never do all the work at once.
  8. Play with your child and talk to him often as it will help you relax in the middle of the work.
  9. After every meal immediately clean your kitchen. It won’t take you much time. You can clean your kitchen in just five minutes.
  10. If your child is one or above, teach and ask him to put back his toys in the storage box after playing. This way they will slowly learn how to do things on their own.
  11. Declutter your house. Get rid of the things you no longer use. This way you can keep your home organized and neat every time.
  12. Introduce new toys/subscription boxes to your baby frequently. You can buy inexpensive toys. Kids tend to play and like new stuff.
  13. Never keep dangerous things within your baby’s reach in your house.
  14. Always have a diary to note down everything you would require.
  15. You can buy groceries online can save a lot of your time.
  16. Follow a proper early bedtime routine for your kids. This way kids tend to fall asleep at the same time everyday.
  17. Always sleep 30 minutes later after you put your baby to sleep, this way you can relax for a while. You can listen to music, watch some videos, or even spend some time taking care of your skin.
  18. Iron your clothes and run errands on the weekends.
  19. Ensure that the toys your kids using are completely safe and washed frequently. So you don’t have to worry everytime when they use.
  20. If you use any swing or jhula make sure it is tied just little above the floor. So even when they wake up you won’t have to worry.

So these were some tips that will help you take care of your baby all by yourself.

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