Understanding Using a Breast Pump

While I was pregnant, I was very sure about one thing that I had to breastfeed my baby. Breastmilk is very beneficial as it contains all the good elements necessary for baby growth. When I delivered my baby girl, I realized that my nipples were not big enough.
She was unable to latch as it is very small. I tried a nipple puller and so many other tricks, but nothing worked. I then started using a breast pump, and whether it was night or day, I pumped every 2 hours to feed my daughter. Breast pumps are advantageous.
In this way, I also get assured of the amount of milk my baby is getting. By using the breast pump, milk storage is also effortless, and anybody can feed their baby by using that stored milk. I am a working mom, and I have to ensure that my baby is getting my
breast milk. Every mother should use breast pumps to ease your mind and assure you that your baby is fed. I have both manual and electric pumps, but I like using the manual pump. However, while using pumps, I realized that our milk supply was not the same throughout the day. I realized that I pump more milk in the morning as compared to the evening.

I store the extra milk from the morning in the fridge and use it in the evening when my supply is low. In this way, I ensure that my baby is getting enough milk to satisfy her hunger. It would be best if you did not reheat breastmilk as it will kill its beneficial elements. You can warm the bottle in a container with boiling water and keep your milk bottle in that water till it gets to room temperature, or you can use a bottle warmer. Once your baby shifts to solid food and is still producing enough breastmilk, one should always donate it. In this way, you can help those babies who, for any reason, cannot get breastmilk.

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