Imperfect Perfections About Parenthood

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As a new mom, I am used to reading a lot of stuff for myself, my kid and to perfect parenting for our baby.

Parenthood is the only thing which doesn’t require any formal training, and I must say that it should not be equated to a job either. Any parent should be aware that kids are not completely developed in their relationship skills, and hence one needs to be very careful and true to develop a unique and special bond with the kid.

Being a working mother, I was usually being told that it is a nightmare to raise a kid along with a job, and I won’t say that it’s not hectic; it is, it surely is! But, I want to say that raising a kid should not seem like a burden to parents. It is a journey that should be enjoyed by both the mother and father equally. How to manage the household and working hours completely depends on our mindset. And trust me, folks, if you plan little things accordingly, you will get to balance both your tasks beautifully.

Also, we should be careful about how we react in front of the kids. They are attached in a unique way with us. So, if we act nervous or sad, they will give a similar response in return. And, if you act joyful, they are happy, too. I would like to share a recent example with you guys. Unfortunately, my grandpa expired a few days ago. He lived in my hometown. When I learned about it on a call, I was in tears, and I was shocked when my baby, who was playing and giggling, stopped and looked at me without a smile on his face. My husband consoled me and asked me to stay strong. I had to put on a smiling face for our baby. This incident has taught me there is indeed an attachment between our kids and us, which we should respect.

My mom used to tell me that our kids are our strength, and that helps me in my tough times.

I hope whoever reads this post feels inspired, learns and keeps growing as a parent.

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